The power, not to beg!

Not all heroes wear a cape! This story is about a brave man named Bashir Masih son of Siraj who was working on a Brick Kiln (Bhatta). Unfortunately, he was under a debt of Rs:250,000/- that he owed to the Bhatta owner. It was customary that the owner of Bhattas give advances to the labor working there and unless and until the advanced money was not returned, the laborer along with his family was under the bond to work at the Bhatta and stay there. Therefore, misfortune struck Bashir and he became a victim of the deplorable tradition. Our team at HUF got to know about Bashir and took up his case. We acted immediately to arrange his release from the bondage by paying off his debt. We even arranged a donkey cart for him along with some cash to buy vegetables and sell them to earn as an independent person. Now is his time to lead his life respectfully with his family who is now safe and happy .

We at HUF just pray to Allah Almighty that may this act of kindness get accepted and meets the standards of charity Allah expects from us. We believe that it’s our duty to help those who want to stand for themselves but they were unlucky with the finances. AlhamduLillah! The breathing of freedom, shine and gratitude can be seen on Bashir’s face and eyes. This is the achievement that we can bring such smiles and life back to these people. What a feeling for Bashir and his family and for HUF!

Ibrahim Nasir


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