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Goals & Objectives


  1.  To provide public assistance to individuals and families
  2.  To provide micro-finance in the form of interest-free loans ranging from PKR 5,000/- to PKR 100,000 for as long as the program is in place
  3.  To focus mainly on individuals operating small businesses who need debt re-consolidation and/or medical treatments
  4.  To encourage the community to INVEST in this scheme
  5.  To provide affordable medical care
  6. To register all of our HUF Charity School students for a monthly check up by visiting doctors
  7. To refer all patients to specialists (friends of HUF) whence we can no longer assist them
  8.  To provide affordable clothing and household items in low income areas
  9.  To sell donated items at a fraction of their actual worth
  10. To establish recycling stations in different points of Lahore
  11.  By involving the youth in their educational institutions to recycle paper and plastic
  12.  To install electricity/gas connections in households of families who otherwise could not afford it
  13.  To repair fallen/leaky roofs (especially in the winter)
  14. To offer financial assistance to medical patients suffering from TB, renal diseases, severe burns, etc.
  15. . To provide assistance to families who are obliged to provide their daughters with a dowry at the time of their marriage
  16.  To provide employment to as many underprivileged individuals through our projects
  17.  To relieve suffering caused by hunger
  18.  Provide monthly ration packages to widows and elderly persons
  19.  To serve subsidized meals at the rate of PKR 10/- to PKR 600/- low-income earners daily


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