New Life Home

We have put up an orphanage home under the name of HUF NEW LIFE HOME for 20 boys of 8-11 years age. They are being provided homelike environment, English medium education, Quran Tajweed lessons, computer training, provided all amenities of life like clothes, shoes, food and proper security and care. The monthly cost of each child is Rs.20,000/-

We have also collaborated on a girl’s shelter home for orphan/abandoned/unsupported girls with Bali Memorial Trust where 100’s of unsupported girls are being housed. They are being provided with education, health care, security etc. After completing their education they are put up in colleges and after we also arrange for their weddings.

Account Title: Hope Uplift Foundation
IBAN: PK77ALFH5502005000389374
Branch Code: 5502
Bank Alfalah Islamic.