Continuing its struggle to help the less fortunate of the society, Hope Uplift Foundation is proud to announce the expansion of its current school system by opening its doors to a new purpose built school. In light of the ever increasing demand, what started off as a small school with only 45 children, we are now looking at registering over 300 students after shifting to our new building. The new school offers quality, English medium education, from play group up until grade VI and will have 24 classrooms, a fully equipped library and a small play area for the students. In addition to this, the students will be provided with uniforms, school supplies, a school bag, and their syllabus. Please support our cause and help us build dreams and futures.

My experience at HUF was very humbling. I got a chance to feel what most of the poverty-stricken people of our country are going through- begging. I worked as a member of the fund raising committee for the 2013 walk-a-thon and carnival. I made many requests for sponsorships/donations and was rejected quite a few times. But i know this is not even a fraction of what true beggary feels like.

HUF gave me a platform to help those in need and to work for a cause which gave me satisfaction. Before entering the corporate world, I believe this is a necessary experience that everyone should have a taste of. HUF is an organisation that I am proud to be a part off and will always encourage others to contribute in whatever way they can, be it in terms of time, brain or financially.

Tayyab Virk - Territory Manager, Shell Pakistan Ltd.

Volunteering at HUF has taught me to appreciate small things. Aside from having 3 meals everyday and a comfortable place to sleep, its also opened my eyes to the good that can be done outside of big name organisations. In fact, i think HUF does a kind of good that can't be accomplished by international NGOs. They have personal ties with their benefactors and keep in touch with them after help has been given, and the best part of it is that the board members are all volunteers as well.

Sacha Marie Ahmad - Student, Pursuing her masters in the UK