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Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) School System was
established by Ms. Lubna Shakoh, President HUF in the
year 2000 with the vision of “Bridging The Gap Between
The Rich And The Poor”. We are supporting all such
children who are easy targets of abuse and exploitation and
can’t afford education due to financial constraints. We provide
them quality education against Rs.600/- per month only.


To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Our vision is to bridge the gap for the poor. It goes beyond today’s survival. The people we touch are dear to us, and we seek to build a real future for them – to give them hope and uplift them.


We are dedicated to making a difference as one of the Top NGOs in Pakistan. Our mission is to support underprivileged individuals and families through our programs, resources, and expertise. We also engage with affluent communities, our members, supporters, and youth. We actively encourage individuals to take on leadership roles within our organization.



Hope Uplift Foundation School, the DHA Campus, is a shining example of the impact of educational NGOs in Pakistan. The four kanal land for these schools was generously given by DHA, allowing us to build a top-notch facility. More than 2000 students are getting a great education in an English medium curriculum, with a low monthly fee of just RS 600. We provide free uniforms, sweaters, and stationery to show our support. Plus, we have an incubation center that helps students learn valuable skills in IT courses, digital marketing, social media marketing, freelancing, and even technical skills like mobile, laptop, and CCTV repairs.


We extend physical, financial, and moral assistance to all deserving individuals. Our initiatives include microfinance, nikah fund and mass weddings. Scholarships pave the way for brighter futures, and our welfare shop serves as a resource hub for those in need.


Addressing a basic need, we provide free daily meals to 365+ impoverished individuals. The Widows Fund and monthly ration distribution programs alleviate hunger, and during the holy month of Ramzan, elaborate iftar is organized.


In our commitment to provide holistic support, we offer separate shelter homes for boys and girls. These homes create a homelike environment while ensuring access to quality English medium education.


Our healthcare initiatives are a vital part of what NGOs and Charities working for Health in Pakistan strive to achieve. We run a dispensary in Alnoor Town, Model Colony, Walton Road, Lahore Cantt, where more than 75 patients receive care each day. Additionally, our well-equipped medical center in Ali View Gardens, Nishat Colony, R.A. Bazaar, attends to over 300 patients daily. Plus, our mobile health unit works tirelessly, visiting underprivileged areas around Lahore six days a week to provide necessary medical assistance.


Through 1000+ water wells and refurbished wells across Pakistan, hand pumps, R.O. plants, filtration plants, and water coolers, we strive to ensure access to clean water all over Pakistan.


Empowering women is central to our mission as an NGO for women education. At our vocational training school, we teach a variety of skills such as designing, cutting, stitching, sewing, embroidery, ribbon work, and digital fabric painting. Women who graduate from our programs contribute to society by creating beautiful handcrafted apparel. We also make sure that Islamic teachings are seamlessly incorporated into their educational journey, enriching their learning experience.


In 2022, our organization launched a cutting-edge Summer Internship Program, and we are proud to continue cultivating confidence and empathy through this initiative in 2024. Interns still delve into challenges faced by underprivileged groups through rotations in Education, Hunger, Healthcare, Orphan Shelter, and Women Empowerment. The three-week program, three hours daily, totaling 63 hours, continues to prioritize personal and professional growth, leaving a lasting impact on character and career.




From 2000, Hope Uplift Foundation has provided assistance of approx. 90 crores to the underprivileged, handling 2 million cases. Lubna Shakoh’s dedication continues to inspire, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more compassionate world.

IT Campus


  • Registered with Registrar Joint Stock Companies under the Registration of Societies Act 1860
  • Registered with the Federal Board of Revenue
  • Punjab Charity Commission
  • Certified by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy
  • Tax Exempted
  • Working for the welfare of the marginalized, financially challenged and downtrodden sector of society
  • All funds for our organization are locally raised donations from families, friends of all our directors, philanthropists, corporates, God fearing people and volunteers.
  • No government grant or funding from local or foreign donor agencies.
  • UF accounts are annually audited by a renowned international audit firm M/s Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar and its 9 yearly audit reports are uploaded and available on its website
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