HUF Healthcare

A timely medical treatment can be a lifesaver. It can stop an organ from failing, keep an illness from spreading, prevent a condition from getting worse, or even save someone from a lifetime of suffering. This is what HUF Healthcare NGO in Pakistan strives to provide. They are there to offer the crucial medical care that can change lives.

HUF Dispensary

In the Alnoor Town slum on Walton Road in Lahore, our dispensary is part of the efforts of NGOs organizing medical camps in Pakistan. We provide medical care to people who can’t afford it. Every day, we see over 75 patients. They can get medicine for two days for just Rs 30 per person. We also help set up bigger medical treatments like surgeries, getting artificial limbs, and C-section deliveries.

Care Commitment

HUF stands out as one of the best NGOs working on health in Pakistan for its dedication to health and well-being. They don’t just treat illnesses; they treat people with kindness and respect. From offering free check-ups to organizing health awareness campaigns, HUF shows its daily commitment. By doing this, they join the ranks of those tireless NGOs working to make healthcare accessible to everyone in Pakistan, no matter where they live or what they earn.

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