Orphan Shelter

Orphan Care

More than food and shelter,
what does it take to raise a child – a complete child?


Loving Caretaker

Adult Mentors

Role Models


and like all kids - the Zoo, the Park, the Museum ... a Childhood

NEW LIFE HOME houses 20 boys of 6-14 years of age. We provide a home environment, english-medium education, Quran lessons, computer training, and all amenities like clothes, shoes, and food. Beyond that, we play, talk about life, and take trips to the zoo, park, or museum. The monthly care of each child is Rs. 25,000 ($88).

We have also partnered with the Bali Memorial Trust to establish a shelter home for orphaned or abandoned girls in Pakistan. This haven is currently home to hundreds of girls. Here, they receive education, healthcare, security, and the love and support they deserve. After completing their education, our girls are enrolled in colleges, and if they wish, we also extend our support for their weddings. We are proud to be one of the orphan shelter NGOs in Pakistan, making a positive impact in the lives of these girls.

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