Hunger Relief

Reaching the Hungry & Poor Where They Live

Food Station

Our Food Station at Gajju Matta, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, part of a hunger NGO in Pakistan, works every day to feed more than 250 factory workers and local folks who don’t have much. They come to our dining areas for free meals. We plan to help even more people as time goes on.

Food Banks

We run 7 Food Banks as a part of Free food distribution NGOs in Pakistan. Here, we give away cooked food, bakery stuff, and fruits at no cost to people who need them. We get many of these items from kind donations by food factories and bakeries. Every day, we share big biryani pots with the less fortunate.

During Ramadan, we organize a special Iftar. It’s a big meal with biryani, dates, and sherbet for over 500 fasting folks daily.

Half Price Food Cart

Under the banner of Hunger Free Foundation Pakistan, our Food Cart at Bhatta Chowk (Ghazi Road) helps out every day. We serve 100 workers and people who don’t have much, reaching about 36,000 folks each year. Each meal costs Rs. 100, but we only ask them for Rs. 50. We cover the rest, ensuring everyone can have a good meal.

Half Price Food Cart


Under this program, we provide financial help and subsidized ration to widows and special persons on a monthly basis.


We believe in recognition, rights, and respect for transgenders, and provide ration packs worth Rs. 3000 each to those in need.

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