You can make a difference.

Even the smallest contribution can change lives.

One less cup of coffee for you can mean a whole world to these children.


470 School kids are still there for adoption

470 kids are left for adoption the school. Together we can help these kids to receive their education and give them a chance for a bright future.

Child Education Plans

Our main focus is to provide the most important things for school- kind teachers and place to study. In last year we already provided education to more than 2000 students. This year our plan is to increase this numbers to 4000.


Lesson in Progress


Learning English

Our Main Goals

Following are the core areas where we are targeting to serve the society

Hope uplift foundation has the aim to become the largest bridge between the rich and the poor. We are trying to provide the best education to all the poor kids in town in Rs.100/- only  while their monthly expense is more than Rs 2600/- every month

These kids require your help!