Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF)

HUF is registered under the Registration of Societies Act 1860, registered with the Federal Board of Revenue, Punjab Charity Commission as well as with the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy, and is working for the welfare of the marginalized, financially challenged, and downtrodden sector of society through a vast range of services and projects tailored specifically to alleviate destitution and poverty by acting as a bridge between the rich and the poor.

All the funds for our organization are locally raised through families, friends of all our directors, philanthropists, corporates, God-fearing people, and volunteers. We do not get any government grants or foreign funding. HUF accounts are annually audited by a registered Chartered Accountants Firm and its 5 yearly audit reports are uploaded and available on its Website.

HUF has developed five areas of service (platforms) for the furtherance of its goals viz:-


All our welfare activities are dependent on donations from God Fearing philanthropists, corporates, private individuals, friends and well-wishers. We do not get any Government grant or funding from any other local or foreign donor agency.

Our submission to all is that all should come forward for supporting HUF in its Welfare activities physically, financially and morally and bring change in the lives of the financially challenged segment of the society. This will be a great boost to our cause and beneficial to all the marginalized and have-nots.

Only ALLAH SWT will give the reward for this.


23 Years in Action

Hope Uplift Foundation has always emphasized quality education as it’s the only solution to improve the lives of young children. Therefore, to cater to those masses who cannot afford to give their children quality education many projects have been under our umbrella like the Quran Program for basic Islamic education. Hope Uplift Foundation School in DHA is a large-scale school developed solely to educate the children of the poor and the needy.

Our Trusted Corporate Partners


Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) was established by Founder and President HUF, Mrs. Lubna Shakoh in the year 2000, with the main aim of 'Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor'.

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