Providing medical assistance to the poor through a dispensary located in the slum locality of AlNoor Town, Walton Road, Lahore, arranging and funding various medical procedures like surgeries, artificial limbs, deliveries through C-section, stenting and much more. On average 75+ patients are provided checkups and medicines daily. Providing 3 days medicines against charge of Rs: 30/- per patient.

We have launched a Mobile Health Unit- ‘Clinic on Wheels’ – which is  providing  medical assistance to the poor at their doorsteps, by visiting different backward localities and villages around Lahore which do not have easy access to medical facilities, on daily basis 5 days a week.  A follow-up visit to the visited areas is made after a week. A qualified MBBS Doctor, an experienced Staff Nurse/compounder and a Driver cum Security guard have been engaged for the Clinic on Wheels. We give 3 days’ medicines against a charge of Rs: 30/- per patient.  Specialised treatment is also provided in deserving cases. We are holding regular Medical camps for arthritis, cardiology, eye treatment, general medicines, mammograms, rheumatic pains and aches, lungs ailments and for spreading awareness on various health related issues.

All our welfare activities are dependent on donations from God Fearing philanthropists, corporates, private individuals, friends and well-wishers. We do not get any Government grant or funding from any other local or foreign donor agency.

Our submission to all is that all should come forward for supporting HUF in its Welfare activities physically, financially and morally and bring change in the lives of the financially challenged segment of the society. This will be a great boost to our cause and beneficial to all the marginalized and have-nots.

Only ALLAH SWT will give the reward for this.