Ramadan Ration Support

Ramadan is a time of reflection, prayer, and community. It reminds us of the importance of supporting those in need. We are committed to this cause. Our efforts are directed towards underprivileged families who face challenges during this holy month.

The Hope Uplift Foundation is an NGO in Pakistan. We aim to uplift those in dire need. Our mission in Pakistan is clear. We strive to make sure no one is left without support during Ramadan.

Our Ramadan Ration Support initiative plays an important role. It provides families with essential food items, ensuring they can observe this time with peace and dignity. We cannot do this alone. Your support makes a huge difference. It allows us to extend our reach and help more families. Together, we can embody the true spirit of Ramadan through acts of generosity and compassion.

Understanding the Ramadan Ration Support Initiative

Ramadan is a time of deep spiritual importance and communal solidarity. It also brings to light the challenges faced by underprivileged families. Our NGO focuses on alleviating these hardships through our Ramadan Ration Support Initiative. This effort is key to making sure no one is left hungry during this holy month.

We aim to alleviate the food insecurity many face during Ramadan by distributing essential food items to those in need. This supports their physical well-being and upholds the spirit of the month.

Enhancing the spirit of giving and community support is central to our mission. We believe in the power of collective action. It makes a substantial difference in the lives of many. We cannot overstate the impact of your contributions. They enable us to reach out and make sure that all people feel the spirit of Ramadan, especially those most in need.

The Ration Packages

Individual Ration Package – PKR 5000

At Hunger Free Foundation Pakistan, we are dedicated to combating food insecurity. Our Individual Ration Package initiative is designed to support those in need. Each package, valued at PKR 5000, contains essential food items.

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We provide 10 kg of atta (flour), 3 kg each of chinni (sugar) and ghee or oil, plus 0.5 kg of chai ki patti (tea). Additionally, 1 kg of daal channa (split chickpeas), a small bottle of jam-e-shirin, 0.5 kg of khajoor (dates), and 1 packet of namak (salt) are included. To further assist, we add an extra PKR 500 to each package. This effort not only feeds but also nurtures hope and unity. We believe in a future where no one goes hungry. Your support helps us move closer to that goal.

Hope Uplift Ramadan Ration Package List

Fidia Ration Package – PKR 10,000

In our commitment to alleviating hunger, HUF, one of the best free food distribution NGOs in Pakistan, has introduced the Fidia Package. Valued at PKR 10,000, this initiative aims to provide substantial nutritional support to the needy. Each package is thoughtfully assembled with essentials to sustain a household.

Included are 20 kg of atta (flour), 4 kg each of ghee or oil and rice, making sure a solid foundation for meals. To complement these staples, 2 kg each of daal channa, baisan, and kalay channay provide protein, while 4 kg of chinni, two packets of namak, and 200 grams of laal mirch add flavor. The package also contains a large bottle of jam-e-shirin, 340 grams of danedar chai for comfort, 800 grams of khajoor for energy, and 1 packet of sawiyan for tradition.

Through this comprehensive effort, we aim to feed and foster hope and resilience in communities. Your support is important in helping us reach more people and make sure no one is left behind.

Hope Uplift Ramadan Ration Package

Family Ration Package – PKR 12,000

In our ongoing mission to combat hunger, we have launched the Family Package, valued at PKR 12,000. This initiative is designed to provide families with comprehensive nutritional support, ensuring they can access the basics required for a healthy diet.

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The Family Package includes 20 kg of atta (flour) and 6 kg each of ghee or oil and rice, which form the cornerstone of daily meals. Additionally, it contains 2 kg each of daal channa and baisan for protein and 6 kg of chinni to sweeten dishes. Seasonings and spices come in 2 packets of namak and 200 grams of laal mirch, enhancing flavors and meals.

Moreover, the package is enriched with 2 kg of kalay channay, a large bottle of jam-e-shirin for a touch of tradition, 340 grams of danedar chai for warm mornings, 800 grams of khajoor for nutritious snacking, and 2 packets of sawiyan, completing the essence of family gatherings.

Through this initiative, we aim to nourish and bring families together, reinforcing the bonds that form the fabric of our communities. Your support amplifies our impact, helping us reach and assist more families in need.

Hope Uplift Ramadan Rashen Package List

Distribution Strategy

Our foundation is dedicated to making sure that aid reaches those most in need. Through a meticulous Distribution Strategy, we identify and select beneficiaries with care. Our process involves close collaboration with local communities to understand their needs. We then package essential rations precisely, making sure each contains vital nutritional components.

Logistics play a important role. We meticulously plan the packaging and distribution of rations to reach families efficiently. This methodical approach makes sure that support is delivered where it is most needed without delay.


In conclusion, the importance of the Ramadan Ration Support initiative cannot be overstated. It embodies the true spirit of Ramadan, emphasizing compassion, sharing, and community. By coming together to support those in need, we reinforce the very essence of this holy month.

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Reflecting on the spirit of Ramadan, it becomes clear how such initiatives are vital. They not only provide essential sustenance but also strengthen the bonds within communities. These efforts remind us that we are all part of a larger family, obligated to look out for one another.

We invite you to join this movement of kindness and generosity. Whether through donations or volunteering, your contribution makes a profound difference. Together, we can make sure no family is left without support during Ramadan. Let us continue to spread hope and solidarity, making the world a better place for all.

How to Contribute

Donation Details: To support the initiative, donations can be made to the Hope Uplift Foundation account at Bank Alfalah Islamic. The account number is 5502-5000389374, with the branch code 5502. The IBAN for international transfers is PK77ALFH5502005000389374.

Sending Donation Receipts: Once a donation is made, donors are encouraged to send their donation receipt via WhatsApp to +92 309-2228266 to confirm their contribution.

Helpline for Assistance: The foundation provides a UAN helpline at +92 304-1117776 for questions or assistance with donations. This service aims to make the donation process as smooth as possible for benefactors.

Contact Information: For those seeking more information or wishing to contact the Hope Uplift Foundation directly, the following details are provided:

Website: hopeupliftfoundation.org

Email: [email protected]

Head Office Address: 73/4 K Block, Commercial Area DHA, Phase 1, Lahore.

Encouragement to Donate or Volunteer: Individuals and organizations can contribute financially or volunteer their time. Every donation, big or small, makes a significant difference in the lives of those receiving the Ramadan rations.

Importance of Donations: The section highlights the important role of donations in enabling the foundation to prepare and distribute the ration packages. It also emphasizes how every contribution helps strengthen the community, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

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